Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mental Health Goals // January 2016 | New Year, New Me

My Mental Health is obviously important, as is everybodies! This year I want to continue to kick ass with my mental health and continue to improve it. This year I said goodbye to depression, while I am sure that I will at some point have depression again, I am currently depression free. I also have my PTSD under control which is excited. Don't get me wrong though there is definitely some things I still won't do and other things I struggle to do but in 2016 I definitely achieved things I didn't think I would in terms of my mental health.

This year I want to continue to talk to you guys about mental health and how it can effect people. Mental Health education is super important and therefore something I want to be talking about more. Last year I posted a depression post that I worked with the mental health foundation on. I want to continue to work with them to release more blog posts educated you all. I also want to talk publicly about my own struggle with mental health both on my blog and other public platforms, I want to do this because I feel as though hearing other peoples stories has helped me and could potentially help others.

My own personal mental health isn't really something I talk about. This is because I am a fairly private person and don't like going into details it is also something that is obviously hard to talk about. I want to talk to you guys about the things I have struggled with and continue to struggle with. I will talk to you all about my diagnosis, and what my mental health means in terms of my feelings and all that. I also want to open up to you all about why i don't talk about it, and why I find it such a taboo subject. I feel like there is some obvious reasons however there is also other personal things that I don't talk about often and I only once publicly spoken about (which I have since deleted the instagram post). My mental health has improved an amazing amount in 2016 ad is something I want to keep improving. I am currently seeing a therapist and I have that funded till November which I will definitely keep going to because it has helped me in ways I never thought possible. I also want to talk to you all about going to therapy and my opinions on it because it is a little more complicated than it may seem.

What is your stance on mental health? Is it something you have struggled with?
Let me know in the comments below.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Getting Fit and Healthy // January 2016 | New Year, Same Me

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is going to be a series of 'New Year, Same Me' so you will be able to find all my resolution and goal posts under 'New Year, Same Me' tab under categories.
You can check out the post that I talk about my new years resolutions here and my 2017 bucket list here.

Getting fit has been something I have wanted to do for a while. I use to be fit, play sport, go running and all of that crap, but I got depression and all of that stopped and that is literally my only excuse. Fitness to me is being able to do what you want when you want. Going on a run Sunday Morning because you can and want to. Just being able to do shit without thinking will I die? (Sorry, just being real).

This is complicated, okay not really but whatever. I want to start eating whole healthy foods. I also want to cut out red meat (eventually white, and seafood etc.) and slowly eventually making my way to plant based. I don't know if that will happen but it is something that I at this very moment in time want to do. In a year or 3 months if I don't want to anyone I won't but at the moment I am heading that direction. I am currently full of dairy and meaty goodness, and am taking SMALL steps. For example I am attempting to make the rest of January a red meat free zone (bare in mind I am writing this on the 7th so don't go saying its only a week) I will see how that goes then carry out or change or whatever I decide. I have already cut out junk food (homemade pizza doesn't count, so shut up). Good things take time and changing my diet overnight isn't something I plan to do.

In terms of fitness I am starting to walk a few times a week, I also have plans to do a 12km walk or run (haven't decided yet) this year which gives me something to work towards. I am excited to be at the same fitness point I was at  a few years ago. I want to go out and explore different places by foot and just live life and be happy and all that crap. I am also going to start at home yoga and pilates to help with that whole thang.

I feel like people that know me are going to be like it also wouldn't kill you to loose a few kgs. Yes ok I know I have gained weight in the last few years. I KNOW. Obviously, this is something that will happen as I get healthy and fitter but in all complete honesty it's not something I am like this is what I want to do. I want to be happy, healthy and fit. I want to feel good and I would be happy loosing weight but at the end of the day just because I loose weight doesn't mean that I will instantly be happy. Happiness I think will come with being healthy and fit, which to me is more important.

If you have any advice or are on a health and fitness journey as well feel free to flick me an email at and pop HEALTH AND FITNESS, NEW YEAR in the subject thing.

Do you have any health and fitness goals for this year, if so what are they?
Let me know in the comments below.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cruelty Free Make Up Bag // January 2017 | Beauty

Another one of my goals this year that I haven't spoken about on my blog is being cruelty-free, in terms of beauty products (eventually vegan, however, good things take time and isn't something I plan on doing straight away). I have no idea what of my current beauty products are cruelty-free, but I definitely want to make my beauty a little less cruel. While I'm not going to throw any products out when it comes to needing to buy new stuff I am going to buy cruelty-free. I thought I would share with you a list of the brands that I currently use and whether they are cruelty-free or not.

If they have YES next to them they are cruelty free, and if NO they are not. If there is anything else written next to them they also have an explanation.

Chanel - NO this one I'm really sad about because I use their CC cream and I love it my favourite eyeshadow is also a Chanel (which have about two uses left) thus, I am going to have to find a new favourite make-up brand.

Elizabeth Arden- SORT OF, I am also really sad about this one! While Elizabeth Arden is cruelty-free they do state that they test on animals where required by law, they also sell in China which means they do test on animals. I won't be repurchasing this brand. I love the eight-hour cream and some of my favourite products are from Elizabeth Arden but it isn't worth it!

Real Techniques - YES! I was so pleased about this because I love the brushes so much!

Nutrimetics- YES

Natio - YES

Rimmel London- NO

Australis - YES

Formula 10.0.6- YES (Thank Goodness)

ColourPop- YES

Covergirl- NO

Revlon- SORT OF, This is another brand that claims it is cruelty-free however they sell in China where it is required by law to test on animals, so no it isn't.

e.l.f.- YES

Za - YES

Tanya Burr Cosmetics- YES

These are just some of my beauty product brands that I currently own and in all honesty I am pleasantly surprised while there are companies I am extremely disappointed in *Cough* Chanel *Cough* and others I was disappointed that they sold in China, although Elizabeth Arden is working with organizations they still sell in China which they can't really defend themselves on. You can check out their statement here.

**After writing this post I have decided to get rid of my beauty products that aren't cruelty-free (bye, bye Chanel), I am however keeping my Elizabeth Arden products until they are all used. This is because of the amount of Elizabeth Arden and the cost of Elizabeth Arden I have. I will NOT be repurchasing Elizabeth Arden until they are cruelty-free. I am also going to be getting rid of the products that I am not sure of.

For a list of products that are cruelty-free visit

Did any of these brands surprise you? Are your beauty products cruelty-free?
Let me know in the comments below.


Friday, 13 January 2017

Healthy Summer Breakfasts // January 2016 | Health and Fitness

Here are my five delicious, cheap and healthy breakfasts that are great for everyday!

Pink Summer Smoothie

1 Cup Strawberries
3/4 Cup Frozen Berries
3/4 Cup Coconut Water
3/4 Coconut Milk
1/2 Cup Chopped Pineapple (Frozen works, but fresh is better)
1 Small Beetroot (Tinned works)

Blend them altogether and enjoy!


A great quick and easy breakfast is different fruits all sliced up together. It's also a super refreshing and light breakfast which makes it great for every day.

Christmas Oats

¼ tsp Cinnamon
¼ tsp Ground cloves
¼ tsp Allspice
¼ tsp Ground Ginger
¼ tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp Vanilla essence
1 Cup Oats

1.     Combine all ingredients in a small bowl or container, and soread evenly on a baking tray
2.     Bake on 250C for 20 minutes
3.    Cool, and place in a bowl adding milk and toppings (if desired) these can include berries, fruit, seeds, or nuts. A special treat can include grated dark chocolate. Then, enjoy!


2 eggs
½ tsp Cinnamon
½ cup ground oats
1 small banana
1 tsp almond butter

1.     Blend all the ingredients together, adding more water if needed.
2.      Then heat a skillet or frying pan to medium heat with almond butter and cook.
3.     Plate, add desired toppings and enjoy.


1/2 cup coconut water
½ cup water
½ cup oats
150gm Berries

1.     Blend together all the ingredients.
2.     Pour in a glass and serve!

What are your favourite summer breakfasts? Have you tried any of these?
Let me know in the comments below.


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

December Favourites // January 2017 | Monthly Favourites

I found a lot of new things I love in December and I also rediscovered something. Here are my December favourites:

1. Natio Flawless Foundation, $24.50
I recently rediscovered this product, although it calls itself a full coverage foundation I don't think it is. I use it as an everyday foundation and it gives a good coverage but not too full. This foundation also has a really nice finish. If you are looking at buying the Chanel CC Cream, but are put off by the price I love this one just as much.

2. Nutrimetics Blushing Face Palette, $44.97
I purchased this palette about a month and a half ago and to be honest I don't like the blusher or the highlight, however, I am in love with the contour in this palette.It makes the skin look really nice and adds a nice glow, without looking muddy.

3. Ted Dekker A.D.30, $16.99
I am currently reading the second and last book in this series and I really like it. It challenges thinking and gives faith in not the usual perspective. Definitely, a recommended reading.

4. Tanya Burr Everyday Flutter False Eyelashes, $10.10
I have never really worn fake lashes before however I love these lashed and wear them all the time. I love these fake lashes because they don't look too fake and give my lashes some length and volume that I don't usually have.

5.  Sugar Baby Golden Glamour Fake Tan, $20.75
Naturally, I am very pale, and if I go out in the sun I have a tendency to burn I also don't have time to lie in the sun and tan, so this is a great alternative. It gives your skin a healthy glow without the harmful rays the sun has.

What have you been loving this month? Do you use any of these products?
Let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

2017 Bucket List // January 207 | Life

My bucket list and new year resolutions are separate because my new year resolutions are more focused on my well being and improving who I am however my bucket list is about ticking things off that I have always wanted to do.

1. Visit somewhere on the lonely planet ultimate travel list
I love travel but I am a uni student so there is only so much time and money that one can put towards travel, during this time. However, half way through 2106 I bought the lonely planet ultimate travel list and I want to be able to say I have done at least one thing on the list.

2. Go bungee jumping/ sky diving (or something terrifying with heights)
I hate heights, the idea of being so high up in the air that I could fall. It terrifies me potentially more than anything else in the world so this year want to do something that helps to conquer that fear whether it is jumping off a building or out of a plane.

3. Book Tickets to Bali (or some other amazing place)
I have wanted to visit Bali for the longest time, like the looooooooongest time. Thus, this year I don't necessarily want to go to Bali ut I want to have flights booked for Bali and really just to make it so I can't get out of it, and I have to go.

4. Dye my hair some ridiculous color like blue or red.
I have talked about this so many times it is ridiculous, I am a natural brunette and three years ago I dyed my hair blonde and that is kinda a crazy as it's gotten (which is not at all, I know). I have always wanted to dye my hair blue, but I have always been scared to do it, because I mean it's my hair and what if it looks s$#t

5. Do a 10km run/walk for charity.
This is something that I pretty much have a plan for what charity, who I'm going to do it with and when I am going to do it. Charities are amazing and important and improving my fitness is also one of my focus' this year so what better way to help accomplish that is to do a 10km for charity. The one I will participating in is in November so I have a lot of time to get fit for it. My ultimate goal is to run a marathon but obviously not for quite a few years.

I will be documenting all of these things, and progress on here, so make sure you check back regularly.

Is there anything you want to tick off your bucket list this year? Do you have any resolutions or bucket list items?
Let me know in the comments below.


Friday, 6 January 2017

Looking back on 2016 // January 2017 | Life

As I look back on 2016 i am glad that it is gone however I am also glad that it happened. 2016 globally was a sh%t year, personally; it was a sh$t year. However, if i look at it as a bigger picture its not as bad as I think. I've learnt a lot, experienced a lot and met a lot of amazing people.

2016 started off with passing high school and getting accepted into university. This came with a lot of stress. The stress involved picking a university, and finding a flat in another city. I also go to visit a lot of family which was awesome.

I moved to a new city, got my restricted license and started uni all within two days. February was busy, long and stressful. This month was also very daunting, I have anxiety (to say that is an understatement) however with uni my anxiety wasn't that bad, I think was more because I didn't have time to process things and thus, no time get anxious however I will never forget the 30seconds that I was at the lights that I suddenly felt anxious. The light soon turned green and the anxiety quickly disappeared.

March was pretty much filled with uni assignments, not really to much else.

April was a good month. My birthday is on a public holiday which meant that i had a three day weekend for my 18 combine this with the fact it was 3 of my other friedan 18th it equalled an amazing weekend with an amazing bunch of friends and too much alcohol consumed. Regardless, it was still a good weekend and was a nice break from uni even if I did regret it the next day. This month also had its ups and downs. I had a pretty bad depressive episode at the end of the month, it started off with driving to work, I got there and burst into tears, literally had a meltdown in the carpark of work. That was fun and stressful. I drove home and called my aunty and went and stayed with them for a few days. This did mean that I missed uni and work but it was for my mental health and that should always be number 1.

May was also pretty boring catching up on assignments from my meltdown (haha, sh*t I was a mess) and basically getting my shit together as well.

June was the same as March although I was in a much better mood because I had holidays coming up and was going to Niue in July.

Most of the month I spent with family and in Niue. I loved Niue and it is such a beautiful place. You can check out my blog post on Niue here. I also started second semester at uni, same old thing as semester one.

August, September.
I'm going to combine the two because they were pretty boring. I kept going to therapy as I had throughout the year which was hard because my therapist is in Whangarei and I was living in Auckland but I managed it and it has resulted in me kicking my mental illness in the butt, maybe not really kicking it in the butt but I have made so much progress and if I may say I am proud of myself. I also starting going to a young adults christian group which was amazing and over the last few months I have continues to explore my faith which is also something that I will continue to do. I also moved house, forgot about that one although is probably of some importance!

The friend I met at uni who had become one of my best friends called me a f%^&ing b^%&h (still don't know why). Yea, so that happened. Obviously, We are no longer friends.

I finished exams (thank goodness!), moved back to Whangarei (only over summer), and relaunched my blog. November was amazing! There really isn't anything else to say.

I feel like this was the same as everyone else December. It was controlled by Christmas, I also participated in blogmas and got my end of the year results (We aren't talking about those).

It was an amazing year, although it had its up and downs but I got through it in one piece!

What was your 2016 highlights? What month was your most eventful?
Let me know in the comments below.
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