Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 Ways You Can Create Balance

Lately, my schedule has gotten crazy busy and I am finding it harder to find time for myself and having a balanced lifestyle. It is important that we take time out for ourselves and understand how important it is to have a good mix of things. Here are ten things I have done to help keep a good life balance.

1. Removed emails from my phone.
I still have my personal emails on my phone for uni related stuff, however, I have removed my blog emails eventually I want to remove emails completely but that will take time. This was an adjustment the first night that I didn't have my emails I had replied to quite a few potentially exciting emails as well as some more boring ones during the day. I was awaiting a reply when I went to bed that night and like anyone my age I scroll on my phone for hours before I go to sleep (I know it's bad for me I'm working on it) and during that time I would normally continually check my emails however, I couldn't do this and I hadn't even realised that I do this. I ended up on my laptop till 1am and when I did finally get to sleep I awoke at 5 am and looked at my phone, tried to check my phone emails and remembered I couldn't. Which yes resulted in me opening my laptop while half asleep to check my emails, were there any? N,o it was 5 am for goodness sake! It has gotten easier over the week although I still find myself on my laptop checking emails which is ridiculous and something I am working on.

2. Take time out for yourself
For me, my 'happy' time is the hour I spend at the beach every Monday morning with my Starbucks, it's simple but with a busy schedule, it is my one hour that I can totally relax and leave the worrying to another time.

3. Take 10mins in the morning to tidy.
This can be anything from making your bed, putting away your washing or doing dishes.  I spend ten minutes every morning tidying up, that means that I have a clean and clear work-space and house for the rest of the day and I can use cleaning as an excuse for not doing work that I need to do. That ten minutes in the morning has also changed the other things I do now if I get something out I put it away immediately because I know will have to do it anyway.

How do you create balance? Do you think it is important to have a work/life balance?
Let me know in the comments below 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

5 Ways To Help Your Skin

I have always struggled with acne since I was around 12 and over the years although it has gotten better I have learnt how to look after my skin. I often notice when I do something out of my normal routine as my face will break out and I will feel like I am 14 again. As I have gotten older I have also learnt how important it is to look after your skin.

1.     Drink more water.
This is so important often we don’t monitor how much water we drink, which often means we don’t drink enough. It’s important to get 8 glasses a day, it also important to cut back on sugar drinks and soda as they are often the reason we break out.

2.     Cleanse morning and night
I didn’t realise how important this one was until I started cleansing my face both morning and night. I started to notice just how much clearer my skin was but not only how much clearer but also brighter and softer. I am also someone who get dark under eyes and cleansing morning and night I have found helps with that.

3.     Take off makeup
I know, it is such a drag. There have been many times I don’t feel like taking my make up off. I work night shift as well so often when I get home I just want to go straight to sleep, however, if I don’t take my make-up I can expect at least three new spots when I wake up which is never a good thing. While taking my make up off will always feel like a chore, I keep make-up wipes next to my bed so for those nights where I really can’t be bothered cleansing and taking my make up off properly I am still ensuring most of my make-up is off and my skin can breathe

4.     Monitor stress levels
When I am stressed I break out, there is no other way to put it. My skin reacts to how I am feeling on the inside so it is important to acknowledge when you are stressed and take the appropriate actions against it. For me; it’s knowing that every Monday morning after I have been to the gym that I can get Starbucks (my naughty treat for the week) and sit by the beach, for you; it might be eating popcorn and watching Netflix. Whatever it may be, remember to set aside time for yourself when you are stressed.

5.     Watch the food you put in your body
If I eat crap my skin looks like crap there is no way around it. If I eat sugary foods or those high in fat my skin will let me know that I haven’t been eating right and it will break out. Therefore, I have learnt to watch what I eat but also giving myself a little treat every now and again because it is about balance and we can’t always be perfect.

What are your skincare tips? Do you agree with mine?
Let me know in the comments below.


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Have I ever...

I though this would be a fun little tag for today, so here it is
… injured myself while trying to impress a girl or boy I was interested in.
Thankfully not although I feel like it is something that I would do.
… had to run to save my life.
Holy sh#t, thank flying chipmunks (If you know me in person you know that is me saying f%$#k)
… taken food out of a trash can and eaten it.
Ummm no?? I would like to know who has though.
… cried / flirted my way out of a speeding ticket.
haha nope. I have only ever got one speeding ticket and I had a panic attack afterwards, but when the cop was there I was as cool as a cucumber, sort of.
… taken part in a talent show.
Apart from primary school talent shows ( I am tone deaf and sung) I have not,
 made money by performing on the street.
… broken something at a friend’s house and then not told them.
Nope, I don't think I've ever broken anything a a friends house although I am sure it would've immediately turned into a joke and I wouldn't live it down, this of course would be because I would have consumed alcohol.
… snooped through a friend’s bathroom or bedroom without them knowing.
No, but I have totally gone through their sh#t while they have been there.
… ruined someone else’s vacation.
No, I am not typically an a##hole.
… walked for more than six hours.
I have, both intentionally and un-intentionally. I use to go hiking all the time so there's that. However the unintentional time was in Australia, the walk was suppose to be an hour and I sprained my ankle about 20mins into it and I was like meh I'll carry on going there isn't too much left hahahahahhahahahahaha We took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up walking another like five hours. Great time, my parents have no navigational skills.
… jumped from a roof.
No,I am not an idiot
… shoplifted.
Nope, I have a problem with authority figures ~I know what you're thinking~ and so no and also why would I??
… seen an alligator or crocodile in the wild.
Yes, I've been to Australia several times so that is pretty self explanatory 
… set my or someone else’s hair on fire on purpose.
on purpose??? ummm no on accident??? also no. Although give drunk me a lighter and we will see what happens (NOTE: DO NOT GIVE ME A LIGHTER WHILE DRUNK)

… ridden an animal.
Horse, pony, camel with saying that as a kid I think I was once put on top of a cow for a short ride. I think that is all. (And yes that photo is me on a camel)
… had a bad fall because I was walking and texting.
No but I have definitely walked into things
… been arrested.
Definitely not!! You saw me write authority complex right?!!?!??
… pressured someone into getting a tattoo or piercing.
No, although the first time I got my nose pierced one of my friends had influenced me into getting a piercing that day. I wasn't sure where but she said I had to so I was like well why not!?!?!?!
… gone surfing.
… walked out of a movie because it was bad.
… broken a bone.
Nope. Okay my thumb but that doesn't really count.
… tried to cut my own hair.
haha no I had a shitty hairdresser as a child so I didn't need to give myself bad haircuts. (I was going to include an image for proof but well I found them and realised i wanted them to stay hidden)
… completely forgot my lines in a play.
Nope, i rehearse that sh#t a million times.
… shot a gun.
Yes, I grew up on a farm need I say more??
… had a surprise party thrown for me.
Nope, and i would appreciate if nobody ever did I'm not a big fan of surprises.
… cheated on a test.
haha nah I actually haven't. Okay, maybe in primary school but that doesn't count.
… dined and dashed.
No, also potential situation were I would encounter an authoritative figure so HELL no
… gotten stitches.
… fallen in love at first sight.
I mean, haha nah. The guy I currently like I thought was a complete douche when I first saw him and oh how things change.
… had a paranormal experience.
Nope. Actually maybe, long story can't be bothered explaining but my sister totally agrees with what happened and it has happened to both of us on multiple occassions at the house my grandparents built.
… woken up and couldn’t move.
… accidentally said “I love you” to someone.
haha no but I have almost accidentally said it.
… hitchhiked.
… been trapped in an elevator.
… sung karaoke in front of people.
I don't want to make anyone deaf.
… been on TV or the radio.
… pressed send and then immediately regretted it.
Yes, I do this weekly.
… been so sun burnt I couldn’t wear a shirt.
No, actually maybe. I ALWAYS were sunscreen but I also seem to always get burnt. My sister on the other hand I always nag her to wear sunscreen, she never does and never gets burnt. #Igottheshitgenees
… had a crush on a friend’s parent.
Haha All my friends are gonna be like well.... (Probably important to note I have a history of liking older guys)
… been awake for two days straight.
Yes, I am a uni student that's obligatory isn't it.
… thrown up on a roller coaster.
… snuck into a movie.
… accidentally sent someone to the hospital.
… dyed my hair a crazy colour.
I want to, but not yet unless you call the awful blonde colour I once dyed it!
… had a physical fight with my best friend.
… had someone slap me across the face.
Yes, long story but apparently guys aren't allowed to have female friends when they are in a relationship.
… worked with someone I hated with the burning passion of a thousand suns.
burning passions of a thousand suns, I was going to say no but yes. 
… danced in an elevator.
No, I don't want anyone gouging out their eyeballs.
… cried in public because of a song.
Nope, I am not a big crier. I only cry in my therapists office and at funerals. The odd occasion in my car (that's only ever happened three times though and once was because of the cop and the other two time were PTSD and anxiety induced, so all super fun times)
… texted for four hours straight.
Yes, I am the biggest flirt and also my friends.
… chipped a tooth.
… gone hunting.
Yes, I grew up on a farm, it's kind of obligatory.
… had a tree house.
Yes, well sorta. it was more a mansion and it was at the back of my parents place in the bamboo. my sister, cousin and I pulled out a whole lot of bamboo and made little rooms and put a ladder in so you could go to different floors and basically it was fancy af.
… thrown something into a TV or computer screen.
No, I'm not that crazy
… been to a country in Asia.
Nope, I would love to though.
… been screamed at by a customer at my job.
Ummm, argued with yes (because apparently I don't know how the internet works at the place I both work and live) screamed at no.
… spent a night in the woods with no shelter.
No, I have no desire to die.
… read a whole novel in one day.
… gone vegan.
Does two weeks count??
… been without heat for a winter or without A/C for a summer.
Nope, nor do I want to.
… worn glasses without lenses.
… gone scuba diving.
Yes! In Rarotonga. Getting my dive ticket is also on my list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.
… lied about a family member dying as an excuse to get out of doing something.
No, I have a friend that has though. 
… bungee jumped.
No, but 30 under 30 list.
… been to a country in Africa.
No but fun fact i use to be obsessed with South Africa and I still definitely want to visit.
… been on a fad diet.
Yes haha
… been to a fashion show.
… been electrocuted.
I grew up on a farm obligatory touch the flying chipmunk electric fence on accident.
… stolen something from a restaurant.
I am not a bad person okay! Also authority figure potential
… had a bad allergic reaction.
Yes. Spider. Bite. Twice. Fun. Times.
… been in an embarrassing video that was uploaded to YouTube.
Nope TF
… thought I was going to drown.
Nope. I learnt to swim at a pretty young age and i grew up by the beach.
… worked at a fast food restaurant.
No, my skin would freak out.
… fainted.
… looked through someone else’s phone without their permission.
My sisters when we were younger, I was an a$$hole.
Do you want to hear the stories behind any of these? What did you enjoy hearing about the most?
Let me know in the comments below.
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