Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Where is Day 7? // December 2016 | Blogmas Day 7

I have realised that I haven't posted for day 7 and I was going to write a post and pop it up or change posts around that I have already written for yesterday but I decided I'm not going to (well sort of because this post is going up). Hear me out before you lecture me. December is busy,  that is without the whole blogging everyday until Christmas day. It gets hard and sometimes life gets in the way. I had some bad news last week and my depression is back (I know I jinxed it okay) and the result of that is I simply haven't had time and quite frankly couldn't be bothered blogging. I love blogging it's where I can express my creativity, but sometimes I get unorganised, or depressed or just lazy and it doesn't happen.

Depression is a B*tch and I've definitely gotten through it before and I will this time. I have to remember that routine is important (which I haven't been sticking too) as is keeping organised and exercise. I have added exercise into my routine (ye the one I haven't been sticking too) and have been for a walk every second or day or so and I want to do pilates the days I don't which I will work towards. Good thing take time though and I am going to create a healthy work life balance because I am incredibly amazing at having one and not the other. I have already posted my blog post for today and the little Gift guide series that I am doing which I am extremely excited for.

I have one request for this blog post. Go and tell somebody you love that you love them and if you want to call someone and talk to them go and do it because you never know how long somebody has left and you could make there day!


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