Monday, 5 December 2016

Top Ten Christmas Films // December 2016 | Blogmas Day 5

I love Christmas films, in fact I started watching them in July this year. Some people think I am crazy because of that i think it just shows my commitment to everything Christmas. Snuggle down with a hot drink and some popcorn because here are my top ten Christmas films. In no particular order because just like children you cant have favorites.

Love Actually- I feel as though there is many rom-com Christmas movies out there but very few are decent. This one is definitely up there though.

The Grinch- I mean it is a Dr. Seuss film so what isn’t perfect about it. Regardless of the fact the Grinch doesn’t like Christmas, whenever I watch this film I can’t help but get in the Christmas spirit.

Elf- Don’t get me wrong I love ELF it’s a happy feel good movie and always brings holiday cheer, although I think this movie is slightly over-rated. Yes, I said it and yes I am sorry.

Gremlins – I feel like out of all the movies on here this is one of the ones I definitely think of my childhood when I watch this movie. I remember watching it almost every Christmas with the family and drinking hot chocolate before bed.

Fred Claus- I actually really love this movie and I think it proves that if you throw enough Christmas in someone’s face they will love it. I am a sucker for an upbeat Christmas movie and this is definitely that.

Nativity- This is a traditional Christmas movie and reminds me of church when I was younger and we would do the nativity play in Sunday School. Just a good old classic, really.

The nutcracker- This is another film that brings me back to my childhood this was pre-gremlin times though. I loved this movie and it makes me so happy thinking about the nutcracker and even when I see nutcrackers in stores now it over whelms me with happiness.

Arthur Christmas- I feel like this one is on the same category as Elf. This is a feel good happy film that just makes me happy and is good for all ages.

Smurfs Christmas Carol- This makes me happy because it has Smurfs. When I was younger I loved Smurfs and would love watching them, playing Smurf board games and yes it was somewhat of an obsession, thus this Christmas movie has become a favorite.

Get Santa – This one is a recent favorite and find. Another feel good happy film that is great for all ages with a little bit of humour.

What are your favorite Christmas films? Did any of your favorite Christmas films make this list?
Let me know in the comments below.

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