Friday, 9 December 2016

Gift Guide: Music, video & Tech // December 2016 | Blogmas Day 9

1. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, $125.99. These are gorgeous headphones, I can't wear earbuds for too long however these are really comfortable and keep out the sound a lot better than earbuds. This is the perfect gift for someone who travels a lot or any teenager that loves music.

2. Crosley X UO Portable Vinyl FRecord Player, $169. Vinyl players are again becoming a lot more common and the music they produce sounds so much better. I think this is the perfect gift for anyone of all ages.
3. Phantom 3 Quadcopter Drone, $499. This is one that I would personally love because I mean who wouldn't want a drone. Whether it's just to fly around the place or make videos it is a very cool gift.
4. Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, $59.99. This is great for the practical person and also for that person that has it all.
5. Amazon Echo, $139.99.  This is an awesome gift for anybody who loves gadgets, it's an electronic personal assistant and music player all in one.
6. Apple Watch, $429. I'm getting one of these this Christmas and I am very excited to be able to have a watch version of my phone on my wrist.

7. Canon Eos Rebel Creator Kit, $500. this is another awesome gift. This is perfect for somebody that wants to start creating videos.

8. Tile-Mate, $24.92. This is an awesome gift for anyone who is amazing always losing things. I'm getting one of these to put on my keys because even though I try and convince myself that I never loose them it is almost a daily occurrence.

9. Hero 4 GoPro, $322.80. I bought a GoPro this year and I am going to be completely honest, while I was on holiday I loved it I used it every day, now, however, I don't. Thus for the avid, traveler this is an  awesome gift.

10. Polaroid Printer, $114.99. This is an awesome gift and perfect for any teenager or instant photo lover.

What are you getting the music, video and tech lovers in your life? are these ideas helpful? 
Let me know in the comments below.


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