Sunday, 18 December 2016

Fitness at Christmas // December 2016 | Blogmas Day 18

I am going to be completely honest and say the last two years my fitness has dropped dramatically. I used to be quite fit and I loved the outdoors however over the last two years I have stopped exercising and going outdoors which is definitely something that I want to change in the new year, however I also am a firm believer that if you want to do something to just do it and you shouldn't have to wait for a new year in order to achieve your goal! This means that I have started a sort-of fitness routine this month. Here are my three top tips for working out at this time of the year.

1. Go for a walk, with friends or family.
Especially if you are pushed for time, going for a walk with friends or family is a great way to stay fit and you get two things done at once. Having family time is important as is keeping fit, therefore combine the two and you save time while having an awesome time. My sister and I have been going for a walk every couple of days and I feel amazing after and it is always good to spend quality time with my sister.

2. Pilates or Yoga.
This is something that is awesome for the morning, I used to love doing pilates nd yoga in the morning. It is also something that I want to start doing again next year. My favourite Pilate work out in the morning is the Blogilates Pilate work outs.

3. Swimming.
In New Zealand at the moment it is amazingly sunny which makes sense because it is summer. Going for a swim whether it is at the beach, a private pool, or public swimming pool swimming is a great way to get some exercise and who doesn't want a swim in this weather?

What are your favourite ways to keep fit at this time of the year? Do you love doing any of these activities?
Let me know in the comments below.


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